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I fell in love with a girl in 2006 when i was 16 years old. I studied in co-education school and she was my class-mate. I expressed my love to her and she accepted and we were in love relationship for some years.

The girl was having another affair in her age of thirteen (2003) and she married him (2005) without knowing her parents. But once her parents caught that, they took the divorce. The girl was amateur when she did all this. According to Islam, as my understanding, her marriage wasn’t valid as Islam says a girl cannot marry without her guardian.

Once i got the deen of Islam, i stopped being in touch with her as its haram in Islam. Now I want to marry her as I love her so much but Mom is opposing it and she is saying that you cannot marry a woman who had married another man before and more importantly that marriage wasn’t valid according to Islam and she has committed Jina.

My question to you, is there any ruling in Islam which prohibits me from marrying this girl as my mom says? She repented for her sin and also in case her married was valid, she got divorce also. Considering the fact that, she was too young at that time, and her mentality wasn’t grown that time. More importantly she admitted her mistake and she loves me & i love her. Why I can’t marry her?

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first i wil her 1st marriage is valid if & only if an islamic leader had stand for her as her walid 2ndly b4 u talk of marrying her has her 1st husband divorced her nor matter d pressure he is facing with her parents? if no there is no marriage b/w both of u bt if yes there is no place in shariah dat u cant marry her. i think ur mum doesnt want u to get married to a divorced woman looking at d fact dat u are young for such a woman nor matter her age cos she has marital experience dat u dont but not dat bt it is haram in islam if ur mum insisted fat it is haram ask of her ecidence in quran/hadith that is islam. may Allah guard us & bless ur marriage

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