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1-howmay ngo's own by Muslims world widely?

2-howmany Islamic ngo's converting non Muslims to Islam?

3-what is the annual percentage of new Muslims world widely?

(i) by country

(ii)by gender

(iii)by race

(iv)what is the name of the country that converting non Muslims to Islam

(v)what is the highest rate of converts

(vi)any other reason for becoming Muslim, please specify

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please answer my questions from the reliable resources as i am using your answer for my re-search. this would be helpful to determine what are the difficulties that new Muslims facing and provide them a stable life style. Jazakallah khair

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FYI this isnt what they were asking they were asking about the people that do convert and also the rate of converts is going up very quickly in britain and if christianity is so called 'exploding' then why does it say in the cia factbook say over the past ten years its only raised by 5 percent while islam has raised 110 percent please get your fact straight how can a religion that increasing in numbers be dying you clearly dont know the definition of that word and how do you even determine weather somone converted for somone else other than god or if they stop once the relationship ends where do you find this survey And even though its not the highest percentage rate going up 110% of a billion is still higher than 5 percent of 2 billion or 700% times 50,000 (deism) its the fastest growing religon in numbers not percentages

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I don't mean to rain on your parade but the questions you are asking here request a lot of research and the numbers may not be as accurate as you expect.

To answer your question number 3, I think there are about 2.9% new muslims every year. The world population is only growing at 2.3%

6- One of the main reason people convert to Islam is because they see in what they do not see in other religions. Islam to new converts is a religion that preaches peace and tolerance even with all what some are doing to falsify the image of Islam.

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