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Im white english lady with pakistanie man he wants me to wear hijab in front of is friends at home he says i come under shariha law which i agreed but am uncertain where do i stand

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Thank you but it is difficult with him he likes me in short skirts at home but when is friends come round he says for me to put Hijab on . Is father also gets to look at me also is this ok. we are living together with is father and mother in the same house they ate both ok with what i wear, but then he is choosy.

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Also if your not married to this man you should be covered :)

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Well, the only people able to see you withought your headscarf is your siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, nephew, neice, and women. Other than that it is prohibited. He is correct in the rulling. In addition, you should not be in the same room with men because you gain sin by allowing yourself to be looked at by men.

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