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assalamu alaikum, please my beloved in islam i need this urgent assistance from you because i'm confused. i've been in love with this girl though a christian but she aggreed to convert to islam because she's from the south-eastern part of Nigeria where its very difficult for you to see any from there as a muslim. we've being togeda for a while and we aggreed if she will accept islam then we'll get married which she aggreed without any resistance because we realy love each other. the problem is that i'm married for almost three yers now and one of my boss in the office was against it which he went further by reporting the case in a different dimension to my parents which made them to think otherwise, trying to make them confuse because me and the girl are from different region, religion, tribe etc though my parents had already accepted me to marry her even though they dont know her. should i go ahead to convince my elders so i can marry her?

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would you still be able to look after your first wife? and maintain your duties as a husband? and a muslim?

only do it if it brings you closer to Allah and makes your a better muslim

Fear Allah

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If she will really convert to Islam and she has good manner then marry her but don't ever let your children to be christians if you guys should divorce in future.

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