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Situation being - A girl who has done as much as a kiss and shared explicit content via email with her ex, and she has realized that she has done wrong. she breaks up with him and lawfully gets engaged to a decent man. If her fiance finds out about the explicit content (keeping in mind the girl lied, rather hid the situation to save her dignity) and the kiss, does islamic sharia give him a reason to not marry her any more? Are there any hadith or sunnah that do not excuse women who have sinned and have seeked forgiveness? What if the two engaged are in love, but just because of an unhealthy past the man wants to leave her? He wants an islamic solution to this situation. please help.

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Dear sister, i agree with the first part of answer that brother gave regarding our repent and asking forgiveness from Lord Allah Rab ul Izzat.

But as for as your fiance is concerned i have got a different opinion why?

Do you remember the time when Makkah was concurred? if you do then you also remember the words of Prophet peace be upon Him. He forgave all of them knowing that how much they tortured and disrespected Muslims.

I do not know that how explicit the content was that your ex has with him and what are the conditions regarding his loyalty since you broke up with him, if he is one of your relatives then probably you can request him to delete the content and not to share your past with anyone in this world as the sensitivity of the situation.

As for as hiding or sharing this with your fiance is concerned i think you should not share your past with your fiance and never tell him what happened, just stay loyal with him and love him as you have accepted him as your future husband.

As per my experience i must say that if you have asked forgiveness from your bottom of heart from Allah subhan wata'ala and if you can promise that you will not cheat in your life then mark my words Allah will never let you down and will keep your secret a secret until the world ends.

God bless you and do not worry just forget what happened all you can do is leave a request to your ex to delete the content and start a new life with your partner.

Regards and good luck :) do not worry everything going to be alright :)

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First thing you should consider is that, it is the matter of personal choice for her fiance more then the Shai'ah.

If the girl has kissed a na-mehram and has shared some inappropriate context of her with her ex, then she should ask forgiveness from Allah (S.W.T) but this is the matter regarding the sin.

What her fiance or any person has his own choice and criteria for his/her life partner. Islam totally gives the free choice to her fiance to either marry that girl or not, because he is not bound to marry that girl if her past is not acceptable to him.

The thing is we can only ask forgiveness and repent for our sins because we can not bring back the time. It is more the matter of personal choice for her fiance that can he live with that girl after knowing all this ?

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I am living with my man we are not married but we must be together i am white 23 years and he is 38 years packistanie man we live with is parents

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You can not live with a man before marriage. What do you mean "we live with is parents" ?

I would advice you to submit a new question and provide some more details so that we can provide you a better answer.

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sister first of all may Allah forgive ur sins n ours. To be sincere ask Allah's forgiveness n tell ur man ur truth past nor matter what, marriage is a lifetime affair for better n for worst therefore it need to be build upon truth n trusth. It's better he should know who u were now v4 u become his wife if not he will never love u if he realise ur past after marriage. If he trully love u I dare tell u he wil accept n love u more for telling him the truth. If it comes to marriage d prophet said only the truth should be told cos lying b4 marriage is d main caused of broken home world wide. That's my advice for you. Living with him & his parent there is nothing wrong with that if two conditions are fulfilled 1st are ur parent aware of this n accepted it that u leave with them 2nd u're not sharing bed with him n ther's no privacy b/w u both talkless of furnication. Allah knows best

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