Assalamo allaicom sister and brother. My boyfriend proposed a wedding for me. We did it in Islam traditional way as were both born muslim. The problem was started from the first day they were visited my family to arrange our engagement. There was a misunderstanding between our parents relatives arranging our engagement ( the mahar and other expenses ). Every time they went to my family to fix the agreement there was a misunderstanding and it always end the meeting with no finalization. I made an istikhara if this man is really meant us the meeting set up will be okay, but it wasn't until now not fix yet. My family decided to discontinue due for misunderstanding, his family always giving us an reason delaying the agreement. What you can advise on me for this situation. I just cant understand why so hard to get things beside I pray for this and almost there.I'm now ashamed of what happened. Everyone knows our engagement I am ashamed to my family relatives and friends. Is it sign to let go???

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This is not a question to ask on here, nor can it be answered by anyone but Allah. Sometimes things that seem good to a person may not be Good, and others which look bad may be good. Allah is all wise, perhaps there is a reason for what happened to your engagement

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Somehow I believe for sign that I may like this thing but not well for me. I don’t see any barrier for us, we are matured enough and our parents really wish for us except that every time they try to fix our engagement there is a misunderstanding. We both losing hope and having a self pity in our self. The worst now, Im hurting my parents, I feel angry and im sorry that im blaming and questioning the creator why???

Thank you al ummat. I really need more advise reading words to increase my iman and to strong my faith.i feel sometimes losing my faith.

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