Asalamo Allaicom sister and brother. I am thankful having looked at this site now that I’m on dark side. It help relief my feelings and understand the situation. My life has been vulnerable long time looking myself. I’d been through praying my partner in life to have my own family but it seems my lane is less fortunate. This disappointment made my life drive crazy, losing hope and the worst that im blaming and having anger with my parents, and relatives. Well I am a good provider obedient daughter to my parents; sister and brother send them to the school Alhamdulillah. I thought this time It’s time for myself to have my own family. at age of 34 finally seriously decided to start my own. I am working away from my family so I met my boyfriend during my vacation in my hometown. No more, more discussion as we both on same age and we both have the same plan. Immediately, we ask our parents to do the honor of our engagement. It just really hard to understand why there is always misconstruction between our parents relatives for the Mahar, despite we both side understand well our tradition way, and both was really excited for us that finally we will settled our self.
Somehow I believe for sign that I may like this thing but not well for me. I don’t see any barrier for us, we are matured enough and our parents really wish for us except that every time they try to fix our engagement there is a misunderstanding. We both losing hope and having a self pity in our self. The worst now, Im hurting my parents, I feel angry and im sorry that im blaming and questioning the creator why???

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I am new to this site. Like, others nowhere strive finding their self in anyways. My thoughts maybe not constructive well due to problem in the situation I am looking forward to inspire me not to disappoint me.

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