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Assalamo allaicom sister and brother. I am blessed enough having a career and a family intact. By helping each of the family members we raise our self having a good job and financially support to our parents needs medicines Alhamdulillah. Now we grow old enough 30+ of age, time to start our own family. My story begun when I was young of 20s when I refused my cousin wedding proposed on me. That time im too young so nothing on my mind except to help my family raising my sister /brothers schools. As time goes by life must be enjoy. I had been in through relationship as im working away from my family, meeting different people in my journey. Each relationship wished to be the one but NONE was the lucky one. I am thinking now that my failure relationship due to cursed of my cousins parents because I hurt them when I refused on them. Should I blame one? I am desperate longing love one. I feel empty, destructed always in my work feel self pity that no one loves me. All my relationship was in good terms but just end up suddenly with no valid enough reason. Shall I blame myself? I am decreasing my faith, losing my trust somehow what if I do more badly in this way to turn to be good.

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Walakium As Salam. The thing that sticks out about this, is that there truly is no one to blame for any thing that I can see. What I will tell you is this. Don't give up. There's somebody out there for you. What you should do is put yourself is Iman filled places to find some body that is good for you, and is a person with insha-Allah, good character. And none has the power to change destiny but Allah, so you refusing the marraige that was purposed to you, is in no way related to the problems that you have had with relationships. Turn to Allah, make du'a to Allah to help you with your journey. Other than that it's really in the hands of Allah and you should just put your trust in him.

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IT IS ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA WHO gives person good and it is HE Who presents bad.HE knows what will happen to put your trust in HIM ANE HE WILL GUIDE YOU TRUE.

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Sukran for your answers. Now a days, im trying to clear empty my heart from anger and guilt, by reading this site and other Islamic site everyday and everyday im learning accepting the fact that God it’s all on his plan. In sha Allah soon I live my life with full of faith and trusting him back. I just keep reading for now till soon I feel better inside of my heart.

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