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Assalamu Alaikum, I want to ask that If i just think that im impure...but im not confirmed that if i really am,what should i do in such a state.. I want to ask this question for both kinds of nijasat.. Visible nijasat-If i think that something impure has touched my body and im not confirmed that it is Nijasat....should i wash it or not..? Invisible nijasat-If i think that im impure...but I (personally) cant see any sign or am not confirmed about it...should i take a ghusl or not..? Please help me....May Allah bless you. Jazakallah

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If you cant see anything nor find anything, than ghsul shouldnt be an obligation. And if you think that something impure have touched your body but you doubt that, than i don't think you should wash it but if you are certain that something impure touched you body. just wash it away. And you dont have to do ghsul because something dirty touched your body. Ghsul is an obligation when The ejaculation of sperm from it’s place with lust. To have a wet dream. Meaning nocturnal emission that is the releasing of sperm whilst sleeping. Sexual intercourse whether it is with or without lust, with or without orgasm, the bathing would be obligatory on both. To become clean from menstrual pause (period). To become clean from blood after child birth.

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