Assalamo Allaicom sister and brothers. Please I need your kind thoughts. My love path doesn’t work well in my life. I am blessed enough with my career with a good job Alhamdulillah. I been through different relationship but none of them was succeed. Each one of course was wished to be the ONE. I pray for these since as part of life. I am wondering these failures due to “cursed”. Id been arrange by my relatives on my young age but I refused. Since then I get matured enough, I started having relationship then, it start failing for no big issues. Other says it’s not yet time. My thoughts might be my fault; somehow I feel I was cursed. Please I need some thoughts from you. I feel empty and drive my life crazy. I am affected and destructed. The worst now is im starting hating my family. I get mad at my parents, Im blaming them the situation. Im hurting my parents, sisters I feel self pity, im losing hope / faith, why im not that lucky for im desire ever since.

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alaykom salam my dear,i think the best thing to do is to live by ALLAHs patient for allahs knows whats good for you,and stop getting upset with your family or your parents they cant do anything.only ALLAH knows your stop forcing ends to meet but let ALLAHS will be done in your life inshaa allah.salam

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Sukran khadijah. I was vulnerable at this time , again for the unsuccessful engagement. I feel that Allah punishment me . so sick my mind. In shaAllah through here Il pick up my self day by day, In sha Allah soon I get back my faith, my hope my trust, In Sha Allah very soon Allah cure my heart. Remove my anger, and forgive me for all ive done specially the time I left him. I wish I could start soon to live my life without anger with my parents. i feel so guilty every now and then but Shaytan is really powerful I cant control my self. Disturbing me. ..

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afwam my dear,but dont let shaytan to control you.remember some of us have got problems worse than yours but we have put our trust in ALLAH,and we are patient because every thing happens by his in as much as you get upset with your parents,remember others dont have parents to get mad always say audu billahi mina ashaytan alajeem everytime you want to get mad at your parents.inshaa allah all goes well with you.

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Khadijah start Allah name in capital letter next time : )

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i am male interesting to get marry soon no dowry required no demands well settle with own international business looking for bride any caste for early marriage if ur interesting plz send me ur pics with profile thanking u .,

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