Asalam Alaikum,

I posted a proposal, you may see it here. I have seen some misunderstandings in regards to it. But first I would like to reiterate my agreeance in regards to our administrator's (asif's) suggestion in regards to making a separate forum where people can ask for advice. And as for some of the misunderstandings, one of them was in regards to the question "How to make salat?" I was not saying that this is a bad question, what I was saying was it is a basic question, common knowledge and little child can give you an answer to it. What I am proposing is that we not make this site for those questions which are asking for common knowledge, rather what I am proposing is to make this (main/ site for more serious questions, perhaps something that can make a difference on the web.

For one can find many other websites dealing with educating non-Muslims and new Muslims in regards to Islam. And that brings me to another misunderstanding, that I was trying to kick people away from this website, and to those other useful websites, I was not trying to do this. What I was trying to say is that there are many websites and forums and chatrooms and much more dealing with asking and giving advice, as well as educating people in regards to the basics of Islam. If it is wanted that this site make a difference online, then it won't be successful by mimicking/regurgitating the information found on these other websites.

Furthermore, all I was doing was giving some proposals, to help this site go to the next step/level, and furthermore I did not expect all to agree with me. If you guys are happy with how this site is currently, then I cannot really help change it, and I will not try to, for one cannot move a boulder unless He has help. Furthermore I am not saying that this site is bad. I hope I clarified some misunderstandings.

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If the problem is that many questions are too "basic", then perhaps we just need a "wiki" area where common topics are already explained in a good enough detail (and if not, then users can contribute to making it better).

However, I personally feel that the length of the discussion of a particular question tends to get out hand, where users will just continue the discussion as if it were a personal conversation. This is not the goal of this website. The goal of the website is to just have a place where questions can be asked and objective answers can be provided.

So I will think about the best way to solve both of these concerns. But the current site will remain as is.

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My view is that whatever is being asked on this website which are related to Islam, should be asked. But I agree with creating a sub forum for personal question. Al Ummat why are you compelling to make this website of high standard. Are you competing with other websites???
What will happens after increasing the standard? will see in the future.... Only 5% of the people came here to ask and to get high standard knowledge....Haven't you watched this since these long days.... At your place, I should have asked for high standard. But at my place, you should have don't agreed with that. Because you are high scholar and you have learnt everything and wanted to increase more.My self and more of us are still in the beginning and wanted to remain with same or in little increasement.... Let us learn and teach us as you know more....Please do not resent....It's my view...

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@Irfan Alam No I am not competing with any other website, and furthermore if we increase the standard on here, then Insha'Allah this place can make a difference online/on the web, instead of just regurgitating information that can commonly be found on other websites. Furthermore I am not a scholar, furthermore I do understand, and perhaps what I proposed is to much.

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Aslamu alaykum Al ummat may Allah bless you, and your intention. This website could be enhanced as you have been saying and could be a great one. However, we should build a sub-forum were we could ask serious questions and seek sufficient answers. We should not just stop there. We should add Islamic lessons, and other ideas that could bring the potential of this website, but there has to be a criteria for how the question and answer should be asked. We should discuss how this website should be organized.( know that serious questions are being answered elsewhere such as islamqa answers ( a scholar)) It should be in accordance of the Quran and sunnah, in addition the current forum should remain and could be more developed as we go on. The sub-forum can not just be questions if you want it to benefit people. Because today you can ask any question online. Rather I think we can also post knowledge everyday bit by bit. Teach the fundamental such as aqeedah, fiqh, hadeeth, tafseer and so on. This will benefit people, however only those who are qualified, and have studied in these fields can post on in it. Everyday one lesson could be brought and maybe a video or audio link could be added. This is just a suggestion and i think that you have a great idea but it is kind of vague. So I put some suggestion for this new forum. I would like to know how would you like for it to be settup, and how it can make a diffrence.

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There is a user named the only hope left or confuse soule how comes to this site to argue. He sole reason is is convert Muslims to Christianity. His statements are baseless, yet he continues to argue though his questioned has been answered. We should handle this types of matter. I seek refuge from Allah from this evil.

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