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I am actually surprised that confused soul, the only hope left, and those of the same types of users who just come here to argue and cause mischief and so on have been left un-suspended. I ask that confused soul, and the only hope left be suspended from this site, and those who come here that are like them be warned and if they do not head the warning then be suspended. If they are not dealt with by suspension, then I suggest we start deleting their answers and questions, because most of their answers are off-topic and misguiding, all is trying to be done here is proselytize, proselytize christianity. Now if either of them are reading this, this is a warning, please stay on topic here, and do not post off-topic answers and so on. You have been warned before, and @asif please either suspend them or consider this the final warning to them and those like them. If they persist please suspend. thank you.

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@Al Ummat: They have already been requested for the banned but not because they dont do anything which are against to rules and regulation of the website. Although they provide wrong belief to the questions but that are their own belief as they are christian. So they should be given chance to express there matter and if they are wrong they should be voted down to classify between right and wrong. Thats why voting system is here. It will help people to recognise between right concept and wrong concept. If there's only right answer then how people knows that what is wrong. I dont think they should be banned but voted for the wrong answers. And if they started abusing or spamming then they are compelled to be banned....

There needs villain too in the film along with the heroes....


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assalamu alaikum. you are right. and what about (sinner slave)? he says he don't have hop in allah. can a muslim say that? i agree that he already answered here many question and he prove his knowledge but when someone say i don't have hop in allah that mean his eeman in trouble. his question discordant with his answer.

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I have debated with both of them. I find that @The only hope left and the user @Only who was suspended because he was started to abuse me when he had no answers is the same person. When an admin suspend a user, that user make a new account came again and continued their behavior in this site. I would suggest we should not only suspend these kind a users but also ban their IP address.

@Sinner Slave should not be suspended, he asks to gain knowledge and for this is created. He never abuse any religion and many times he tried to help others.

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