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A.a I'm true blver of Allah, I love Islam so much nd i hv sm problems like I'm trying to b alone nd I think i'm broken , i want to cry but I can't... My heart beat runs fast nd by this I also loss my intrst in study ... I knw wt Allah give us is better for us but my family hv more trust on me ... I also want to study but i can't nd my course is civil plz tell me wt to do... Thnk u. Allah hafiz.

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Wa 'alaykumus salam . Brother, it is better for a muslim to not to be happy with his iman , how can you know that you have 100% faith in Allah ? I don't want to be rude , but this just caught my eye . And what does this question has to do with islam ? However , i'm answering it . Studying is hard work . I am also afraid of study . These tips might help :

1 . Do this zikr " Rabbi zidni 'ilma " 2 . Develope interest in specific spheres of education . 3 . Not wanting to study might be from depression . Keep your body fit , eat fruits , milk , meat , fishes etc healthy foods . With a healthy mind , it will be easier for you to study . 4 . See a doctor , he might prescribe you anti - depressants . 5 . Group study . This has to help . 6 . Do du'a and ask Allah to make study easier for you . 7 . Recite durood with wudu most of the times . 8 . Ask you teachers to help you . 9 . Understand the fact that a lot of students has undergone this course , you can do it too . 10 . Have a goal in life , that you will become fluent in this subject . 11 . Have confidence . Say to yourself " i can do it " . 12 . Stop watching tv , surfing the internet for no reason . Hope this helps . And brother please remember me in your du'a . Salam

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thnx bro. I will try to do my best, also plz can u tell why i think more about my past that what I was nd nw what I'm... Why my life hurts me with problems, sometimes I comminting suicide... Nd also why I can't cry... Why I think I lost... I.e from 2 years. If I'm wrong in anyway sorry for that... Plz tell me wt to do . I don't knw more about islam but I really love islam nd trust. I will b very thankful to u ...

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Hahaha .... Bro you are very much alike me . I also feel that I am lost . Anyways , as I told you before , these thoughts might be out of depression . I suggest that you should see a doctor immediately . And brother please please don't commit suicide ! Those who suicide might go to hell . It is haram . Suicide is not the solution to our problems , life is short . You will die after a few days anyway . What's the point of suicide ? If you can pass this short life being a perfect mu'min , you will have a chance to go to Jannah . Have confidence . Realize that thinking about the past isn't very helpful . We should plan for the future that is to come . You should have confidence . Have faith in Allah and stop thinking un-necessary thoughts . Have faith in Allah . Indeed Allah is the best of helpers .

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thnks again bro... I hope that Allah will help us to strong our faith nd solve our problems... Allah bless u.

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