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i have heard a lot that by Wazaif of ISME AZAM we can solve our difficulties my name is Imtiyaz and i have many problems in my life SO PLEASE can any body tell me what is my Isme azam and what is it`s Wazifa for financial problems....................

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Wa 'alaykumus salam wa ra'hmatullah wa barakatuhu wa magfiratuhu . Brother , your Ism - e - Azam ? Ism - e - Azam means the great name , in this case Allah's great name .
Hadrat Asma (Radiallahu ta'ala 'anhu ) narrated from Rasulullah ( Sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam ) , Allah's greatest name ( Ism - e - Azam ) is in these verses - "WA ILAAHUKUM ILAHUWA'HIDUN LAA ILAAHA ILLAHUAR RA'HMAANUR RA'HIIM " "ALIF LAM - MIM ALLAHU LAA ILAAHA ILLA HUAL 'HAIYUL QAIUUM ". From different sources it is known that any khalis du'a with Ism - e - Azam in it will be accepted . There are differences in opinions regarding the Ism - e - Azam . For some important reason Allah has kept it a secret , as the date of Shab - e - Qadr and the time of supplication being accepted on the day of Jum'ah is a secret . According to Imam Abu Hanifa ( Ra'hmatullahi 'alayhi ) , Allama tahabi ( Ra'hmatullahi 'alayhi ), Hadrat Abdul Qadir Jilani ( Ra'hmatullahi 'alayhi ) and many other sufis ( Ra'hmatullahi 'alayhi ) , the name Allah itself is Ism - e - Azam . But the condition is that when pronouncing the name Allah , the mind should be completely empty except the Ism - e - Azam . It is narrated that normal people should have fear in Allah when they recite Ism - e - Azam for it to work . Hadrat Bayojid Bostami ( Ra'hmatullahi 'alayhi ) narrated from his own 'amals that reciting the name Allah 4356 times daily for 40 days will result in fulfilling the wishes of the reciter , but the condition for it to work is that alms has to be given to poor people when doing this , or else it won't work . You can try this wazifa . If you need more , ask me .

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brother jazaq allah for ur guidence the wazifa what u have told me is in genral but i want to know the isme azam and wazifa of my own name so plzz can u help me

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How can there be isme azam of your name ? Can you tell me from where you heard this ? As far as i know isme azam is a special name of Allah sub'hanu wa ta'ala , it is not a name of humans . By the way , you should try the wazifa i gave , it is supposed to work fine .

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