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since I was born I have know my mother as a staker in a pool company ( gambling company). My father is not doing well in his business so somtimes my mum provides for the family, things are very hard and we have nobody to help & we are five in number including my mum & dad. Due to my quarter knowledge of islam I know that gambling is haram & it is the work of my mother & she uses this work to train us, me & my 2 younger brothers & also comtribute to the family advancement, now i am in university. Things are still hard. she found me a job in the gambling company so that I wouldent depend on them so much. So I also work there & I know that gambling is haram even my mum dosent like her work but there is no other way then this. So is it permissionable for us to continue this way untill i graduate & find a job then she will stop this work because they are all depending on me to finish my school and get a job. please Ya Al Umma Muslimin i realy need answer to my question.

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No its not acceptable even if somone is starving they cannot steal or do haram to get get food the reason why every muslim gives charity is so no one would have to do these prohibited acts as your family does its better to take charity then to work in a gambeling buisness and i am sure their are other ways of getting a source of income even working at a fast food place would be better their are jobs every where it may not be confortable for you or luxurious but isnt it better to tell your lord i worked at this place from fear and love of you then to say i worked at a gambeling company so i can make ends meet and as you said you are studing to get a better job so the unconfortable job would only be temporary and even if your family disagrees with you stay with them but eat food from your own work and money this is a saying by muhammad saaws he was explaining to the sahabah how the future might become coruppt and said:26.A time will come to mankind when man will not care whether what he gets comes from a lawful or an unlawful source. (Bukhari). (Sayings of Muhammad. by Prof. Ghazi Ahmad). do not make that time now and dont make that person you. May allah guide you to the right path

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as i said leave it and find any job a bagger a fastfood worker a cashier an usher anythink is better than unlawful money even a loan from relatives and paying back after your new job JUST NO INTREST

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Ok now, should we continue with d work untill i finish my school or we should stop.

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Prophet MUhammad peace be upon him said "Listen to your nafs and do the opposite". You better ask yourself. These questions. Do you beleive that Allah is the prvider? Do you beleive that your rizq is not bound to your work? Allah almighty says (meaning) "why do you say, things that you don't follow". We all here or there guilty. Best way is to get up at night, when Allah waits for peoples supplication. And asks "Are there anyone who needs help".

MAy Allah guide us all

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Assalamu alaykum Brother Make dua in your prayer while your forehead is on the ground. I do it all the time. Allah is the owner of the Universe and all money belongs to him. If you ask ask as much as you can. Allah won't lose anything. He is the most generous. Prophet Muhammad Pease and blessings of Allh be upon him said "If you ask Allah, ask for Firdaus ul Jannah (The highest paradise)", and I say if you ask work, ask for the most paying. Allah would find you a way out, and he would give you the best work that you did not even expect. This issue is not only with you, all western brothers having this problem. One thing is not forgetting your prayer when you get highest salary. So if he is not giving you, that means only that you would forget your prayer after getting more money. So solution is to increase your taqwa and attend mosque on daily basis. May Allah give you the wealth that won't revert you from Allah.

It is my humble opinion, May Allah guide us all.

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Asalamu aliakum brother.....i vil tel u 1 short story .. Once dere was a person begging on a roadside, a man passed by n as usual d beggar askd for d money....The person askd d beggar y r u begging wen u hav got power 2 earn through other means...The beggar replied dat ALLAH has made me very poor with no property, no job etc. Then d person replied as,''i vil give u 5 lakh ,give me ur 1 hand,alrite i vil give u 10 lakhs give me ur both d hands..k vil give u 50 lakhs just give me ur two legs n two arms...the beggar shiverd n told hw can i give,.no i cnt give...The person told him wen Allah has made ur body so worthy hw can u say dat u r poor, Conclusion .,.Dnt blame Allah ,He has blessd us wid so many thngs without takng nythng 4rm us...So brothr place full trust in Allah n luk 4 lawful means of livelihood..In sha Allah evrythng vil b fyn...Jazakallahu khairan

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With all the respect I owe you. I think that it would have been nice if you would have used proper English to ask your question. There is no doubt that your English is good maybe ten times better that many of Us here including myself. I run a community board (online Forum) I don't like it when people use abbreviation to make posts. This is not texting. It's so irritating to try to understand the meaning of a question when you put so much effort trying to understand the meaning of the abbreviations first. Please forgive me if I took the freedom to go out of the subject, but I couldn't help it but comment on this phenomena that seems to take over the beauty of writing proper English. To answer your question, I really don't believe it is Haram for you nor your mom to work in a pool company. It sounds like an honorable job to me, but at the same time I must admit that I m having difficulties understanding what your real Job consist of. When you say Pool do you mean Swimming pool or are you referring to something else? Thank you for taking the time to read my post

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