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You know, life is a game ,but it's serious game. I was so in love with a man when i was 23 y.o. And he is African american, my parents didn't give me a permission to marry him and they didn't give me a blessings either, my father said i can only marry to man from my country, and my mom wanted same thing. My mom said she will never forgive what i did withoit her blessing and permission. My parents got divorced when i was 10 y.o. now they still live separately alone, my mom never got married she still love my dad, my dad got married 3 or 4 times we don't know exactly, i came to live with him when i start going to University. Mom told me that she didn' raised me to treat he like that, that was very disrespectful to get married withoit they permission, i know that if we don't make our mother happy then we can't go to paradise. But at that time i felt like she didn't like the man because her marriage didn't work, and she said espacially he is an american she had no guarantee that i could live with him for rest of my life. He is very honest and does his best to make me happy, he really loves me, we live in his welfare right now, but i am looking for a job, and he said he will do something for himself after i settled down, i don't know what it is, he gets angry when i ask his plan, by the way i recently found out that he has a PiPolar wiich is anger issue. He does everything for me, but he wants 3 or 4 wifes, i don't understand this, I am not fat, he said he likes my white skin, and my body, but i am asian muslim. We have been living for 3 years now, no kids yet since we can't take care of kids now. hE FEELS GOOD when he chats on facebook with females, he is also very smart, with no job, he doesn't to follow the rules. But lately we fight everyday, it seems like to me is this because my marriage wasn't blessing by my parents? I was thinking like maybe Allah is punishing me for what i did, please muslum kinsfolk help me in Allah's way. I see him everyday trying to find a second wife, but before i get married i agreed when he ask me that he wants 4 wife. What should i do next should i stay with him or divorce him, to be honest with you i hate divorce i didn't want a life like my mom had she is going to live all alone after her divorce, but the things going on in my life which is my husband wants 4 wifes that makes me to do something, i know that Islam allows man 4 wives, but he oesn't have anything to support them, i see his message that he was forcing one 18 y.o girl she should live with her own life, and she is not going to live anymore with her parents anymore.Should i live with him to accept whatever happens in the future or should i do what my parents wanted to do, i will look stupid if i divorce after all these disagreements with my family. But i want your help in Allah's way. Thank you for taking a time to reading my story. We both pray 5 times since we got married His family prays too, my dad don't pray, my mom prays only Fajr, we both trying to be good muslims, we go friday prayer every friday. I am afraid to go the HELL,

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this questioner should be suspended. please apply rule.

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Sallamul alaykum!!! Do not reject ur parent's order except u ar asked 2 worship something else apart Allah (SWT), 4 ur heaven lies beneath their feet (especially, ur mother)... Allahu ahlam, may He (Allah) continue 2 guide us all, amin

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You should not be thinking about hell. Yes you should be scared, according to Islam. However, you should lead your life in a prosperity way and in compliance with what the Quran has taught us. If you follow the quran your life can be of an ease.

As far as internal conflicts among family, I always recomend seeking help from a relationship specialist. Like a marriage counselor and or Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a marriage and family consultant. And if your interested in communicating with me regarding your problems than feel free to contact me at yahoo messenger at dr.ahsan95 @yahoo . com

for a free consultation

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I do apologize IBM I really needed advice, thank you very much,Jazakallah khair!

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