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I liked this guy but now we don't talk anymore we were friends for 3 weeks then he was mean for the next 3 weeks I just got him on bbm 2 days ago I haven't talked to him in 2 weeks because I thought he would do I start the conversation or be patient

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what does this has to do with islam

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Surat al kahf it says to be patient and I made a duaa to God to guide me

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Will I Be punished for not being patient

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Assalamualikum sister... My interpretation of the word 'SABR' means perseverance and controlling your will. I think you should persevere against your will by not getting close to that guy and be patient..You will be punished if you break any of the rules of hijab and it seems you are in the process to do just that.. May Allah guide both of us to the straight path and help us understand the true meaning of His words in the Quran.

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why this question asked hear?

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