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In my medical school, along with most of the other medical school's I've seen within my community, they practice free mixing. However, in my university the females outnumber males from 3:1. Now, in my eyes this is a pretty big fitna considering I'm not married yet, the hadeeth of the prophet (PBUH) comes to mind of him advising the Muslims to run from fitnas; taking that into consideration, how should I proceed with my predicament? Jazakallah Khayr.

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bro this is physically easy but psychologically hard am as well a nursing student facing the same temptation but do we do is to be patience nd fears Allah & wait for the apointed time verily in this we're haven reward from Allah. Let not try do d other ways if we there Allah's torment is intolerable ALLAH knows best

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I think the easiest way to deal with this kind of issue is to get married or if that doesn't seem to be possible at the moment then FAST Mondays & Thursdays (or every other day) so that temptations will decrease. And do ask Allah to make an easy way out for you.

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