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I am married with my own willing, but against my parents willing, my husband is good, he has a bad temper and he doesn't like to work for americans,living with welfare,should i divorce him and get married again with my mom's willing or should i stay with him to make this marriage work. But something is bothering me inside of me that my parents, they are not happy, and i am having difficulties with my marriage, is this because i chose him over my parents? Please help

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the prophet(may peace be upon him) told the believers that: "among all the permitted acts, divorce is the most hateful to allah". now in your case you said i have no doubt he really loves me, he always afraid of losing me. al hamdu lillah. you don't have right (reason) to get divorce. but you did mistake didn't obey your parents so you afraid from allah. what done it is done. now the islamic view is that you should beg excuse and forgive from your parents for your mistake. you tell them the matter how serious is and what you worried. tell them don't curse me about my mistake, tell them to pray for you to allah, you be helpful to your parent. i am sure they will like you they will pray for you to allah because you like your parent otherwise do not ask this question.and allah knows your situation. be helpful to your parent, be a good wife to husband. may allah help you and all of as ameen.

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The thing is i was blind i was in love with him and he was in love with me too, he still loves me and very jealous, but my mom keep telling me that she will never be happy what i did, and she is also worried what is going to happen after30-40-50, we don't have a kids yet, but he is already wants second wife.I have no doubt he really loves me, he always afraid of losing me, but i am worried that if i can't make my parents happy there is no paradise for me to enter, Allah wants us to be nice to our parents, it's so hard, if i can't make my mom happy God don't accept my prayers, if wife doesn't please her husband she can't enter the paradise, please advice.

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Assalamu 'alaykum . First of all , why didn't you marry in your parents willing ? This is one problem . And is your husband a muslim ? If he is , then you shouldn't divorce ( talaq ) him . Muslims should try to refrain from divorcing their spouses as much as possible . So i say that you should not divorce him . What is done is done . You should now try to convince your parents to be happy with this marriage .

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Salam, I am Ahsan and a Marriage and Family Therapist. I offer free consulting to help resolve marriage, and family problems like yours. If you are interested in discussing your problems with me than feel free to contact me on yahoo messenger at dr.ahsan95 @yahoo . com

However, based on your current description above, it indicates that you are undecided and are experiencing doubts about life. You need to first be sure of what you want to do in life and than the decision about what should yoyu do now would be best answered. But again, I am available on Yahoo almost 24/7 in-case I am not sleeping. Because I do this for a profession.

dr.ahsan95 @yahoo . com

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