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me and my husband were supporting a widow and her daughter for 5 years. But at the start of this year she came up with a ID card and vulgar editted pictures of her with my husband and claimed her to be his wife. She posted those pictures on the facebook. we were so shocked to see all this that ...we are being blackmailed by a person whom we had been supporting.Well she was lying so alhamdulilah we were not black mailed at all. we tried to communicate with her ..she says yes he is my husband and those are our pictures but i didnt post them on the facebook.since we are living abroad so could not do much but are trying level best to get the ID card cancelled. now me and my husband have become so scared of helping the widows.....before we use to be helping a lot of orphans and the widows but this incident have totally changed our thinking. i know this is not good yo think like that as Allah in quran has emphasised us to help the widows but this lady has just changed our thinkings.For the facebook pictures we have reported a case in FIA ...but the slow process is making us more and more depressed.Why Allah is allowing her to see us in pain ,why are we so helpless...i dont know how many more people could get effected by this lady. please advise me sooth myself down.

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Be patient and deal with her in a possible manner. If the widow you and your husband were trying to help for 5 years deceived you in the way you've mentioned then that says a lot about her personality. However, don't let that discourage or prevent you from doing the good deeds or helping those who are in need of help. Don't let the Shaytan take advantage of you. See, the Shaytan is using the actions of this woman in order to deter you from helping others out. SO the best weapons that you have in order to fight back (in a good way) are PATIENCE and DUA. Be patient and make DUA. And ask Allah to make things easy for you. You know life is all about TEST. We need to make sure to pass that TEST with the help of Allah.

Good luck and may Allah make it easy for you to overcome this burden.

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jazakallak....yes ,thats what we are doing ...and now we have planned to open a centre for the widows where they will be given 6 months stiching traing free so that they can have a better earning themselves....latter we will provide them with the stiching machines so that they can start their work.because i think when you keep on supporting a person for a long time they become habitual of not working.Well this incident has really changed my thinking ,but alhamdulilah i am trying my level best not to get distracted ...just need prayers and some moral support from all my friends.and please do pray for us that we come out of it soon....because its been three months now...anyway thanks for ur prayers.

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