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As for I researched: First is intention. a. Washing of hands b. Washing of private parts, (then woudo) 1. Washing of hands. 3x 2. Washing of mouth. 3x 3. Washing of nose. 3x 4. Washing of face. 3x 5. Washing of hands thru the elbow. 3x 6. Rub/washing of head from forehead to the back of head, then reverse to the forehead, procced to the ear. 1x 7. pour water into the right shoulder, then left shoulder and to the head. then-take a bath. and the last is: 8. washing of foot. The question is: What about if I touched my private parts during I bathed, (in the number 7) My woudo/bathing is valid or invalid?

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To my knowledge it dose not invalidate your wudu or ghusl. I had this same question a few years ago and the explanation that the Imam gave me was that unless you intentionaly touch your privates, then it dose not matter becuse in the course of washing it is bound to happen. As I said this is how it was explained to me. The book's that the brother was using was the Fiqh series published by Dar u salam

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