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if a wife forces her husband to swear on Quran for some reasons, and said if he is false than their will be no relationship between them, she already knows that her husband is lying but her husband did not know that. exact words of wife:- swear that u did not do(that thing ) since December, the husband said on Quran, "I did not do (that thing)" he just say that, no extra words and did not mention period from which he did not do (that thing). husband swears for the sake of their married life & kids future and was unaware of the fact that her wife knows that he is lying. if Talaq has happened?

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Well the hole situation is wrong for as a Muslim we are not suposed to swear by nothing but Allah if we do. Swearing by other than Allah is a violation of Tauhid Ar-Rububbiyyah. But to do this would be to bring Allah's dipleasure, other than any set thing that a person is in violation of, I don't think so. To reiterate it, to swear by anythinhg other than Allah is shirk.

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