What are the things that invalidate one's wudu? I know that useing the bathroom and passing gas are two of the things that make onw lose their wudu. But passed that I'm not sure. Dose listening to music break wudu? Or smoking ciggarrets? Please help me on this for I truly am not sure

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  1. using the bath room - when a person urinates or deficates.
  2. passing gas.
  3. touching the private area. (penis or vagina)
  4. sleeping - when a person falls in to a deep sleep.
  5. losing consciousness.
  6. sexual intercourse.
  7. bleeding from anus, penis,or vagina - bleeding from a wound does not break wudhu.
  8. secretion from penis or vagina.

listening to music eating drinking smocking do not break ablution. better don't smock until offer pray. if you smock wash your mouth before start prayer.

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