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When it comes to christianity, how do we give the proper dawa to these people? Is it ok to read the Bible to get a better understaning on the way that these people understand and to give them a better over all understanding of what we believe and the way that it conects with the fundemental basisi in their religion. I'm just curious because I feel it would be easier to give some thing to these people if I had a total understanding of that in which they believe. Is this wrong?

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I think it is important to read and understand / compare to . As long as you do so with good intentions. Example finding the same message in torah/gospel / Qur'an . Anything that contradicts the Qur'an is innovation. I read the bible growing up. After reading the Qur'an the truth that remains in the bible stands out. Insha Allah that helps you.

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Salam,first amd foremost as muslims we must always do what Allah azza wal jall has commanded in His holy book,"Say:This is my way:I do invite to Allah on evidence clear as the seeing with one's eyes- I and whoever follows me does this. Glory be to Allah! and never will i join gods with Allah!" (Sura 12:108)This ayat clearly states that we must call to Islam as the Rasulalah sws has done,inorder to call to the right guidance we must understand what wrong guidance is,so that means that we must know what they profess to be guidance.First we must understand that prophet Isa AS was not a christian,and the bible confirms this fact in (Acts 11:26),so the question is what did the bible say,this answer and many more I have covered in a book I wrote entitled "Hellenism" and this book I am giving away for free,I only ask that the reader copy it in its entirity and pass it on freely,to get the book hit me at

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