Assalam Allekum,

I have very good friend of mine who is non believer but he is a very nice and soft heart human being. He has helped me in my times of crisis as well. My question is I really felt that I could have a life partner like him, but when I went through quran verses it says that one cannot marry non believers. My question is can I pray to allah to give him hidayat so that atleast I can meet in Jannat insha allah.

I have no intentions of marrying him as I said he is non believer and I am marrying a muslim man according to my parents wishes and insha allah have all clean intentions to perform my duties as a good daughter and wife.

They say only pray you can ask to allah for non believers is hidayat. Is that true?

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Salam. No. We are not to pray for the disbelievers. This was revealed to the Prophet(SAW) in regards to his uncle. I understand that this person helped you out a lot throughout your life but, no you can't.

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assalamu alaikum.

the PROPHET (swallallahu alaihi wa sallam) prayed for non believers. he made du'a, "oh allah, give islam strenth and power through the most beloved of the two men to you" the two men were umar ibn hisham and umar ibn khattab (RA). ALLAH (SWT) chose umar ibn khattab (RA). this prove we can pray to ALLAH (SWT) for non believer to give them hidaya.

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