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Selamun aleykum brothers and sisters ... I used to pray five times a day years ago and now I am finding it very hard to commit to praying ... I feel so guilty and terrible when I think of it because I know how important prayer is in Islam. I believe I am a very clean hearted person and I never do wrong to anyone, my parents are the same also. But for years we've been suffering from problems, let it be financially, almost everything. I always make constant dua for this, and I have been for years but it feels like none of my prayers are being answered. I know I shouldnt be thinking like this but sometimes i cannot help it ... I just want to start praying so everything can be good for me and my family. How do i commit to praying?

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You said."I used to pray five times a day years ago", how did you do it then?

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Well there are a few things that spring to mind with this. One that when you look at the hardships that you have been through throughout the years, akhi you need to rejoice this. Ibn Taymiyyah said in his book Kitab Al-Iman, through diffrent hadiths that I do not know verbatum, that the person that is dear to Allah is the person that is often tested. This is because the trials that we go through are a means to remove sin. Hence when we are sick we have sins removed from us. When we are going through it Allah is taking sins off of us. Alhamdulillah, for if not in this life we would see those same sins on the Day of Judgement. So its really a blessing. As for how to commit yourself to salah, akhi I can tell you like this. When things get hard and you pray, you may not think that you feel better, but you seem better to other people. Your more at peace with yourself. The things that I recomend is to read the Quran more. To look at the things about death, and the Last Day, because if Allah decides to end this life and you havent prayed, well akhi the Prophet(SAW) said that the thing that seperates the Muslim from the kafir is the salah so dont abandon the salah. So taqwa would be the best cure for this. Fear the punishment of you Lord and pray, then when you pray rejoice at His Mercy. And Allah knows best

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