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i always pray five times a day...but i use to still money from my mother and insult people and i use to ask forgiveness from ALLAH is it good?

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Well theres two things to go with this. One being that was your repentece sincere? If it was then we know that Allah will forgive us. The seecond thing being that some will say that no it is not good because you contiued to steal. But the preresiqute is that you hate the thing that you are repenting for, and at the time have no intetion to do so again. So if you were sincere in your repentence and at the time sincerly had no intention to do so agian then we are told from the scholars that Allah will forgive you. And Allah knows best

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It is good that you ask forgiveness from Allah (S.W.T) but Islam is clear on this, that if you had borrowed money from someone or you have steal the money then you have to pay back. You have to tell your mother about the money you stole and ask forgiveness from your mother because you are accountable to your mother and thus you have to ask forgiveness from her as well, and I think it would not be a very difficult task as she is your mother and In sha Allah she will definitely forgive you. And if you know the people whom you insulted then you should ask them to forgive you as well and if you don't have any contact of them, then pray that on the day of judgement Allah (S.W.T) made them forgive you.

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No it is not good. I think you know this because when u go to prayer your feeling guilty which is a good sign of knowing right from wrong. How much does prayer mean to you? I know when I have a hard time with staying away from something that is haram I think about my prayer and that I will be praying to Allah subhana WA ta'ala soon. This helps me avoid evil things. Also reading Qur'an and such helps. I do think you should also tell your mother/pay her back. And you need to apologize to everyone you've wronged. This also helps not continuing this behavior. In sha Allah this helps. Seek forgiveness from allah and ask for strength to not do these things again.

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