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I am a muslim girl in highschool and there is a muslim guy that I have loved for about two years, so I don't date and I am too young for marriage. I tried my best to forget him, but I just couldn't, and I am worried because I think about him a lot, so I was wondering if it is permissible in islam to love someone secretly and think about them a lot. Please answer clearly thank you.

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Asalamu Alaykum,Bismillah. Your situation is common among teens but is not good. As Muslims we need to lower our gaze...which means you shouldn't look at the opposite sex that isn't related to you in any sexual way that isn't pleasing to Allah. Also by not lowering your gaze it could lead to worse things such as masturbation which I'm not accusing you of doing. As far as secretly thinking about this guy, to get him out your mind just remember Allah knows everything you think about. Another thing you should try is to get involved in beneficial hobbies such as reading Quran. Hope I answered your question, Salam.

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