When yawning which hand to cover mouth and what about praying can you still cover it by moving hand?

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Yawning a lot is from Shaytaan, when you yawn he laughs at you. So when you feel a yawn hold it as long and as much as you can, Source. Furthermore Allah doesn't like the yawn, because those who yawn Shaytaan laughs at them, Source. So to hold it you can just put a hand over your mouth, and don't yawn loudly, see this and this, both are in Arabic.

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Thanks all and after hearing when I yawn shaytan Laughing made me happy. Maybe I'm doing something right thanks all peace be up on you all

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When you are not in salah you can cover your mouth with the backside of your left hand . And in salah you can do so with the backside of the right hand .

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I wanted to ask this question right now when I logged in. The user "Sinner slave with failure"'s answer is short, makes sense, and Inshaallah it's correct.

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after yawning he should say aghoodu billahi mina shaitani rajeem. i heard yawning from shaitan. source just now i see. thank u al umma.

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