There is no proper clean place to do wudu. How can I do wudu or alternative to pray zuhr as its hard and not clean

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You should go to a mosque to pray salah . Why would you have to do wudhu in a dirty place ? In mosques there are places for wudhu . If you can't go to a mosque , carry sufficient pure water in a bottle , a big pot and a prayer rug ( jainamaz ) with you . When you want to do wudhu sit on the prayer rug and keep the pot on the prayer rug under your hands . Using the water do wudhu in the pot ( wash your mouth , face , hands , head , feet , and while doing wudhu the water should drop into the pot ) . Now throw away the dirty water after doing wudhu ( somewhere like toilete or basin ) . Then pray salah on the prayer rug . And if you can't even do this then you should do tayamum .

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