Salaam Alaikum, Do you read the bible? What proof do some who call themselves "Muslim" have that the bible is "corrupt"?

If you have any issues with the former scriptures, why not present your questions here? Salaam.

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@Jook I did not leave out any of the verse I qouted what my translation of the bible says which is the Gideons translaton,but for the sake of arguement lets use what you have,for the only deciever is your friend Paul and those who help push his hellenistic agenda as I will prove inshallah.The reason why your blble has "SOME ONE MIGHT ARGUE" is due to the revision of the bible,all you have to do is look in older translations and you will see the verse without this addition,my beloved brother,do your homework and you will see, Allah willing, the trick played on the masses to hide the corrupt teachings of the one Called Paul.But to confirm my point,According to DR Lobegot Konstantin Von Tischendorf,The Codex Sinacticus from Saint Catherine Manuscript in mount Sinaidoes doesnot have this addtion,nor does the Vaticanus,nor the Bobiensis.My beloved brother these are the ancient scripts and this addition is not there and the translators of the Gideons knew this fact also those who transalated the bible in the olden days to english.To go further, The New American Bible translated by the world catholic press on July 20 1970 says this on the verse in question and I qoute,"But if God's truth redounds to his glory through my falsehood,why am I still being condemned as a sinner." The first thing you may notice is that your addition is not there,but the thing that you are missing is what he your friend Paul is saying blatantly,but I will break it down for you Inshallah,the translator used the english word redound in their translation,so let's define redound "To have an effect for good or ill,"(Merriam Webster Dictionary) Now! lets see what your friend Paul is saying,But is God's truth has an effect to his glory THROUGH MY FALSEHOOD,why am I still being condemned as a sinner."So now I must ask you brother what have I taken out of context,and who is the real deciever? Also in the Hebrew Greek Study Bible translated by Spiros Zodhiates,Th.D,has this addtion in brackets,this mean that it is added on and it is not in the ancient manuscript.I believe I made my point very clear,inshallah,but i want to leave you with this ,knowledge is if two kinds,beneficial and non beneficial,the only knowldege that benenfits the believer is that which is given from Allah swt and His Rasul sws,for it is there that the ultimate success lies nowhere else. May Allah guide you.

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Attention brother and sisters If you want the book entitled hellenism then contact me at this e-mail it will be forwarded to you Immediately.

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Well I think you are trying to make sense of it your own way, when it is not really what the letter is saying.

Paul used to be a murderer. He killed unjustly, and thought he was doing the work of God.

He turned away from this after a certain event.

He lived a lie, thinking God was pleased with what he was doing. He was convinced that what he was doing was right.

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@jook Your response is most frightening,first you say that I took the verse out of context and you insinuated that I did so to be deceitful.Then you respond from your own Qiyas opinion,it is very clear to me that you have not did your homework on this one you call Paul,yes he was a murderer,and he was also a pharisee and this fact is confirmed in the writings of men inwhich you call the new testament,but I urge you to hit me at or get me your e-mail address on this forum.the information is to large for me to go into here,but from your answer I see that you have been duped,and inshallah this book will help remove the blinders from you eyes,I must ask why did you negate to deal with the fact that the verse had something added to it,and if what you say is true then the addition is not needed,I have proven in Hellenism the clear deceit of your friend paul with textual proofs,so if you want the facts then get the book it is free,but if you who say you are Muslim choose to remain on the path of destruction then so be it masha'allah.I challenge you to venture into the facts that is backed up with textual proofs.

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Why can't you just host the writings you have made?

The bible is not the Qur'an.

The bible has much to offer and I suggest you read it without having an attitude of it being false.

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Exactly, Bible has tons of Contradictions and Scientific Errors to offer that you won't find any in Holy Qur'an. SUBHAN ALLAH

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@Jook He whom Allah guides none can misguide,and he whom Allah allows to be misguided none can guide him.Beloved,it hurts my heart that you will not accept the Haqq given to you from the brothers,such as Light,Believer and myself,to name a few.It is clear that you place your faith in the 66 cannonized books of the bible,and for the record I dont read the bible looking for it to be false,I study it to find what good it has and the corruption comes out.My brother, please allow me to present some crucial facts,that you may not know,first being,

"In the middle ages, when the consonantal text was supplied with vowels points by the MASORITES,the tetragrammaton (YHWH)Yahweh, was SUBSTITUTED in over 130 places in the Hebrew text with the Canaanite god (EL),"ADONAY," and in some places Elohim (God,Gods)wherever anthropomorphisim(ascribing the physical attributes of man to Yahweh) was applied.Wherever they left the (tetragrammaton (YHWH) Yahweh),in place,they placed diacritical marks beneath it to indicate pronunciation of the word to be spoken-ADONAY,not the written YAHWEH,which the Isrealites after the Babylonian exile considered the name too sacred to be spoken aloud,and UTTER A LESS SACRED NAME!For Yahweh they have subsituted with Baal,which simply means Lord,as is shown in Unger's Bible Dictonary,under the subject LORD."

LORD (HEBREW ADONAY),AN EARLY WORD DENOTONG OWNERSHIP; HENCE ABSOLUTE CONTROL. IT IS NOT PROPERLY A RIGHTEOUS TITLE...MASTER;OF KINGS AS THE LORD OF THEIR SUBJECTS.(4)Lord, Master, (Greek KURIOS)SUPEME...(5)BAAL means Lord-applied only to heathen deities,or to man as husband etc.The Babylonian god (EL),and ADONAY,THE CAANANITE god (EL) of the Phoenicians both corrosponding to the ENGLISH word LORD.(ungers bible dictionary pg 665) Now to go to another source,

THE SUBSITIUTION OF THE WORD LORD IS MOST SAD;FOR WHILE IT IN NO WAY REPRESENTS THE MEANING OF THE SACRED NAME YAHWEH,THE MIND HAS CONSTANTLY TO GUARD AGAINST A CONFUSION WITH ITS LOWER USAGE,AND ABOVE ALL, THE DIRECT PERSONAL HEARING OF THE NAME ON THE REVELATION OF YAHWEH...IS INJURIOUSLY OUT OF SIGHT.(1872 EDITION OF SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY PG 195-196:HELLENISM CHAPTER 3 POWER OF NAMES) SUMMARY; My brother these facts show clearly what Allah swt has stated in the Qur'an about how the Jews changed the words in the Torah,notice that it is not talking about the English they tampered with the HEBREW,THEY SUBSITUTED THE SACRED NAMES WITH PANGAN NAMES,AND IT WAS NOT A MUSLIM THAT HAS CONFIRMED THIS FACT,ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT THE WORD CANNONIZED IS DEFINED:ACCORDING TO THE WRITERS THE ORGIN IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS TO BE TRACED BACK TO THE ANCIENT PAGANS APOTHEOSIS.(CAHTOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA)I can go deeper,but I think I made my point very clear,that being,if you are of the mindset that this book is the authentic book given to the prophets and to the Hebrew Messiah then you are wrong,it has been tampered with and you must be careful because little do you know how deep this deception goes,just realize they changed the revealed name of the creator to pagans names,you can't begin to imagine what else has gone on in the name of JESUS.....SO SAD BUT TRUE.... MAY ALLAH GUIDE YOU.I leave you with this ,"YOU SHALL NOT MISUSE THE NAME OF YAHWEH,FOR YAHWEH WILL NOT HOLD ANY GUILTLESS WHO MISUSE HIS NAME," (The Third Commandment:Exodus 20:7)

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ATTENTION BROTHERS AND SISTERS if you want a copy of the book hallinism hit me at this e-mail it will be forwarded to you as soon as possible thank you.

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This debate is a great source of information

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I don't blame him, he is misguided.

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