if any of you would like to share your successful story of giving dawah to a loved one, I would be pleased to read it. I was born and raised in a muslim family. My father was a religious man. He would always try to make all 5 namaaz in the masjid. While I was in my teens I never really thought much about Islam. I probably only really followed it to please my father. When I turned 18 I moved out and away from my family. After moving out I lost touch with Islam and started living the life as a regular American youth. I then started getting into all different kinds of drugs and alcohol with certain people. Later down the road me and this girl left the people who had brought us into this scene. So me and her have dropped the hard drugs for the most part and only really just smoked weed. She is the only person I really knew and cared about where I lived. Later on she became my girlfriend. Now a little down the road my father passes away. This was a big loss for me because I had believed I had the best father in the world. The more I think about how great he was, the more I realized it was because he tried to emulate the prophet(saw) life. After my fathers death my imaan got stronger. I started looking into Islam to see what it's all about. The more I read, the more I believed..that's one of the beauties of Islam. Since my imaan was getting stronger I was starting to feel guilty for having a girlfriend and I shared these thoughts with my girlfriend. I would bring up the idea of being celibate or even being platonic until marriage. She was kind of hurt because I was feeling ashamed of our relationship but she respected my beliefs and loved me so much that she would support me.Even though she agreed to do this, it was me that couldn't even stick to it. Shaiytan would get the best of me. She actually went to a christian school up until 7th grade..so I always labeled her as a christian in my mind so I can say that I am allowed to marry her even though she did not put anything into practice..but since my faith was getting stronger I knew that I wanted my wife to share the same beliefs as me so we can raise our kids with the proper islamic teachings. So at this point I am now trying to show her what Islam is all about. Since she already had some of the christianity knowledge it was a little bit easier. I had later showed her this video by joshua evans (top 10 reasons why jesus can't be god) and she completely believed the truth. She ruled out christianity to be the possible truth. One of the many great thing about her is she is always willing to listen and try to understand..she is open minded. So after showing her videos and talking to her over time about this subject she has come to believe that prophet Mohammad(saw) is the final prophet of the one true god. But she says she still wants to learn more before she will be ready for shahadah. Right now in my life my imaan is the strongest it has ever been. I am constantly thinking about allah..and islam. CONSTANTLY. I no longer listen to music in my car, rather I enjoy listening to speeches from people like mufti menk. I now make an attempt to lower my gaze and say astaghfirullah if I do accidently glance at women, I no longer enjoy raunchy TV comedies such as shameless, instead i'd rather watch the food network HAHA,I now have attended juma for the past 2 months, and I TRY to make atleast a couple prayers in the masjid a week. Now that I think of all this I can only imagine this was one of my father's dua..to give me imaan. here is where i need your help: 1. I am now feeling guilty again about our relationship. What can I do? Ideally I would like her to take shahada so I can get nikah...but I want a practicing woman, not just a believing woman..and also I would like her to accept Islam at her pace. As much imaan and interest I have in Islam, I still have troubles praying 5 times a day. Did you guys start out slow? if so how? IE only praying like fajr and maghrib and slowly addding more? I have arabic rosetta stone levels 1-3. I have heard this is classical arabic..so this should help me understand the quran right?

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Salam Alaikum, we suggest you check out the FAQ. We also invite you to post this here http://community.islam.com/ , here this is a Q&A (question and answer site.

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