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I converted to Islam 7 yrs ago, I was a 20 yr old single mom to a 2 yr old. His father was in jail and is not part of our lives. My son's name is Azariah. Some tell me I have to change his name to beIslamic and correct? Is his name sufficent in Islam? He is 9 and I don't want to make such a major change, we call him Azhr as a short name....

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2 things, 1 you reverted because Allah created us upon Fitrah and our parents then changed us to whatever we became. Now with the name, you could give him an attribute, which is what I did, and then leave it up to him to decide if he wants to fully change his name when he gets old enough. Example, My attribute is Yahya Abdul-Haqq Al-Muttawakkil, which means the living servant of the truth who trusts in Allah. Hope this helps

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Yes, my son has accepted the religion, I married a Muslim and he had maintained the role as his father since he was very little. We have 2 other children, Zeeshan Ali and Ayesha Amani. My Islamic name is Khadija Ehtesham. But legally my name is Kaitlin Ehtesham. I plan to change my name legally at the end of the year, Inshallah. I've heard you cannot perform Hajj unless you have a legal Islamic name, which is why I'm asking. If we plan a trip to Mecca, will he be denied because his legal name may not be considered Islamic? He has gone to islamic school, has started reading Quran, he has memoried 5 surahs and can read namaz on his own. He has fully embraced Islam, and although I converted, he has never known any other religion. Thank you for the answers!! And maybe this clarifies why I wanted to know about his name needing to be changed legally.

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