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My friends were about to do a christian "Grace" at the table and I said "I'm not doing it, it's gonna be like "Lord Jesus"" or something like that, and I realized how that could've been kufur right after it slipped out of my mouth but I don't recall the exact words I said so I don't know whether I said something kufur or not. Please help. What should I do? Do I have to say al-shahada again even though my intentions weren't meant as kufur and I don't remember my exact phrasing of that sentence? PLEASE HELP

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well, its sin, repent to Allah truly , and he will forgive you.

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Although it can be seen as wrong, if your intention was to never agree with those terms, but you said it in a matter of speech, Allah know and sees all, Allah knows your intention was not bad. Repent, and know Allah is inside your heart.

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