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assalmualaikum, my question is not quite related to islam, its a general question where you might help me with some islamic advices. So here's the thing, before the semester started i gave a commitment to my friend that i will become his room-mate for the next semester. i am ready to become his room-mate , but the thing is that all of my friends want to shift to a different hostel, whereas he is reluctant to go there. the reason that i want to shift to a new hostel block is that, a majority of my friends are opting to stay there, and it would be easy for me to offer my prayers in congregation. if i stay in the same block, i need to go to the masjid to offer prayers in congregation , which is not possible everyday as the mosque is too far from the more reason why i need to shift to a new hostel is that it has good sports facilities, and also the food would be better there. my parents scold me when they meet me in the holidays for becoming thin, and they insist me to eat food at a different place. Especially my mother, she is really very concerned regarding my deteriorating health. Now the friend of mine who is about to become my roommate for the next semester, is not interested in sports activities , he has a very limited no of friends, so he wants to stay in the same hostel , just because it’s a bit nearer to our college. If I don’t get to stay with my friends I wouls start feeling homesick. Pls advice me , what should I do in such a situation. jazakallah

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It's always good to be around the people that you care about. But at the same time it's better to do what makes you the most comfortable. And anything that is going to help you make the congregational salat is the best thing for you in my opinion. Hope I helped

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It is always good to be where Salat will be performed at its normal time.also is the person who asked you to stay a Mumin,if he is tell him to consider salat.but if not Stay away from him because in the Gloriots Qur'an,HE SAID WE SHOULD NOT BE friends with unbelievers.and one of the PROPHET HADITH is that we should not follow the command of the created to disobey the COMMAND OF THE CREATOR.

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