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Hi I am doing a very important exam in a months time.I think ALLAH has given me everything for me to do well but i havent been studying hard and i think i might fail my exam.This exam will allow me to go into college and its my dream to do medicine but i dont thinks its possible now so please i feel realy stressed and worried Is there any prayer that i can say so ALLAH can help me get into college.And please pray for me.

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Asalamu Alaykum. I know exams are really stressful and preparing for them is equally stressful, but what you need to do is pray your daily prayers and make dua and the other obvious thing to do which is to study, and if you combine the two you will InshAllah pass with a good grade. One dua I recommend you say is "Rabi Zidli Ilma". I will also make dua for you since you asked. Go ace that test, Salam.

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hi i may not know any good prayer but i suggest the basic 5 prayers and dhuha.. although we are advised by Allah to read(study knowledge) , but we must always have the time for Allah.. spend some time at the mosque getting closer to Allah, for Allah know what is the best for us.. :)

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pray more, supplicate, and thank Allah, and Inshaallah you can do it, just keep 1 point in mind

that Allah is Always with us

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