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Aslamu Alaikum, I have some serious about praying in congregation in masjid. I dont know what has happened to me, since I came back from Umrah, (my first umrah) 2 months ago. this nervousness/hesitation/uncomfortable feeling has increased. this really making me hard to pray and sometime it made me embarrassed ... here is how.. one day I was late for salah asr, missed 2 rakahs, and while praying (when standing,in sujood and tashahhud my body touches means my right and left arm/legs/feet , with person who is on right or left side i feel nervousness/hesitation/uncomfortable and I am sure it affects the other person too. ) and then what happened, when imam said Salam, and we standed up to pray 2 missed rakahs, the person on my right moved backwards. on behind saf, i felt so bad inside... that what is this? This same happened to me in another masjid i was praying asr, and man on my left side moved backwards on behind saf. one day i was praying maghrib i was late, i went sujood then the person on right side, while getting up from sujood he slowed down and broke his prayer and went to other side of where I was praying ( I am not really sure that whether he went on other side, or went to make wudu.. but I felt he went on other side of where i was praying) now I really afraid to pray, and whenever i stand to pray I make sure I have enough space so my body will not touch anyone. is this some sexual problem? or some waswasaas from shaytaan? Please I need solution to heal this problem. I feel this feeling in heart, and loses control on myself and concentration from prayer.

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Asalamu Alaykum, Bismillah. Your issue is pretty common,and I have actually had this happen to me when I was a little kid, because I wanted to close the gaps and I would put my foot right next to the people next to me to close the gaps. My feet would be touching them,and after salam he would move to a different row.He made me think I did something wrong, but in reality I was doing something good by closing the gaps.Another thing how could we all be brother if we are mad or afraid to get touched by one another? So what I want you to in Salah whether at home or in congregation is to keep your mind focused on the fact that your praying to Allah and nothing should interfere that.To answer your other questions, no it isn't a sexual problem, but waswasa from the shaytaan is possible if you're not fully focused in Salah. So don't hurt yourself just because others are too sensitive to be touched by their brother in Salah. If my answer wasn't clear enough please comment so I could clarify. Hope I answered your question. Salam.

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Walaikum Aslaam, Jazak Allah khair for the reply brother what you have said is true, sometime they make me feel guilty, for their weried movements in salah, but I want to ask why do I feel nervousness in heart when our bodies get touched in salah, I try to fully focus on salah but when our body touches they start to react strangely, moving head/hands .

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