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asalaam aleykum;

Umat Muhammad (s.a.w) are the fortunate Ummah still holding KITAB their Kuran Kareem (Ours) of course. BUT due to differences of opinions Iblis is trying hard to segregate US But Inshaa Allah he will never and he wont (Bi idhn Lllah) the sign I repeat the sing is ONE Al Kaaba......we all gather there and RounRound in worship None would be able to say who is who.......then WHY...we let ourselves being pull apart when we leave **al Kaabah?**

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It depends who the person is dont put down a whole entire religon some of us choose to pick fights or belive that we arent equal to eachother others choose to make peace its not the whole religion in general if a person is good then they are good if one is bad then thats how they will act all we can do is try to better ourselves and show others a good example of how a muslim should behave.

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surely, depends but that wont do us any good, we need depend In Allah and our pdependance should be by ABIDING the those Written in Kuran and nevertheless....if we may ask ourseles Are the scholars as good as they shold be...according to Kuran as such:-

(2:3-5) who believe in the unseen , establish the Salats and expend (in Our way) out of what We have bestowed on them;who believe in the Book We have sent down to you (i.e. the Qur'an) and in the Books sent down before you, and firmly believe in the Hereafter.Such people are on the right way from their Lord and such are truly successful

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