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ASALAMUALAIKUM WA REHMATULLAHI WA BARKATUHU I have a friend who is an atheist and is questioning islam.He defends himself by showing me some videos of "osho" in which he says if there is a creator how is evolution possible? i.e. if he has created the universe then how is evolution happening?and everything must be the same. please tell me how can i answer him so that he gets satisfied and gets converted to islam IN SHAA ALLAH JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR

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the evolutionist says the human ripeness from monkey now let us see what creator ALLAH (swt) says in the noble quraan "verily we created man from a product of wet earth; then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging; then we fashioned the drop in to a clot, then we fashioned the clot in to a little lump, then we fashioned the little lump in to bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. so blessed be allah, the best of creators" [23:12-14]

"it is he who has created you from dust then from a sperm-drop, then from a leech-like clot; then does he get you out [in to the light] as a child; then lets you [grow and] reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old, though of you there are some who die before; and lets you reach a term appointed; in order that you may learn wisdom." [40:67]

"verily we created man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him. so we gave him hearing and sight" [76:2]

"that he did create in pairs, male and female, from a seed when lodged [in its place]" [53:45-46]


1)Hydrogen (H). 2) Nitrogen (N). 3) Oxygen (O). 4) carbon (C). 5)Calcium (CA). 6) Phosphorus (P). 7) Potassium (K). 8)Sulfur (S). 9) Sodium (NA). 10) Chlorine (CI). 11) Magnesium (MG). 12)Iodine (I). 13) Ferrous (FE). 14) Copper (CU). 15) Silicon (SI).


structural material (amino asides)- (1) Hydrogen (H). 2) Nitrogen (N). 3) Oxygen (O). 4) Carbon (C). element used in energy and mass transport in the human body- 5) Calcium (CA). 6) Phosphorus (P). 7) Potassium (K). 8) Sulfur (S). 9) Sodium (NA). 10) Chlorine (CI). 11) Magnesium (MG). 12) Iodine (I). 13) Ferrous (FE). 14) Copper (CU). 15) Silicon (SI).

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Subhana Allah! La hawla wala kouwata ILA bilah !

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First of all Learn about the subject and how it is in relation with the Quran because he knows much more about evolution then yourself.

I recommend watching by yasin qadhi and more of his vedios. He has debates and also read books about it in relation to Islam.

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"evolution is unproved and unprovable. we believe it only because the only alternative is special creation which is unthinkable" [sir Arthur, Keith, forward to 100th anniversary edition of Charles Darwin's origin of species.1959]


i didn't read this edition and i don't know where this book available.

                       **EVOLUTION EVIDENCE IS BASELESS **

micro evolution evidence using to evidence as macro evolution. mutation in species happened and happening but species didn't change to another species [no mutation from basic to another]

insha allah i will answer here more very soon.

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                         paleontological evidence is a hoax


in 1912, a well-known doctor and amateur paleoanthropologist named Charles Dawson came out with the assertion that he had found a jawbone and a cranial fragment in a pit in piltdown, England. even though the jawbone was more ape-like, the teeth and the skull were like a man's. these specimens were labelled the "piltdowne man" alleged to be 500,000 years old, they were displayed as an absolute proof of human evolution in several museums. for more than 40 years, many scientific articles were written on "piltdown man" many interpretations and drawings were made, and the fossil was presented as important evidence for human evolution. no fewer than 500 doctoral theses were written on the subject.63 while visiting the British museum in 1921, leading American paleoanthropologist Henry Fairfield Osborn said "we have to be reminded over and over again that nature is full of paradoxes" and proclaimed piltdown a discovery of transcendant importance to the prehistory of man.

in 1949, Kenneth Oakley from the British museum's paleonthrology department, attempted to use "fluorine testing", a new test used for determining the date of fossils. a trial was made on the fossil of the piltdown man. the result was astonishing. during the test, it was realised that the jawbone of piltdown man did not contain any fluorine. this indicated that it had remained buried no more than a few years. the skull, which contained only a small amount of fluorine, showed that it was not older than a few thousand years old.

it was determined that the teeth in the jawbone belonging to an orangutan, had been worn down artificially and that the "primitive" tools discovered with the fossils were simple imitations that had been sharpened with steel implements.65 in the detailed analysis completed by Joseph weiner, this forgery was revealed to the public in 1953. the skull belonged to a 500 year-old man, and the jawbone belonged to a recently deceased ape. the teeth had been specially arranged in a particular way and added to the jaw, and the molar surfaces were filed in order to resemble those of a man. then all these pieces were stained with potassium dichromate to give them an old appearance.these stains began to disappear when dipped in acid. sir Wilfred Le Grosclark, who was in the team that uncovered the forgery, could not hide his astonishment at this situation and said: "the evidences of artificial abrasion immediately sprang to the eye. indeed so obvious did they seem it many well be asked-how was it that they had escaped notice before?66 in the wake of all this, "piltdown man" was hurriedly removed from the British museum were it had been displayed for more than 40 years.

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in 1922, Henry Fairfield Osborn, the director of the American museum of natural history declared that he had found a fossil molar tooth belonging to the pliocene period in western Nebraska near snake brook. this tooth allegedly bore common characteristics of both man and ape. an extensive scientific debate began surrounding this fossil, which came to be called "Nebraska man" in which some interpreted this tooth as belonging to pithecanthropus erectus, while others claimed it was closer to human being. Nebraska man was also immediately given a "scientific name" hesperopthecus haroldcooki.

many authorities gave Osborn their support based on this single tooth, reconstructions of the Nebraska man's head and body were drawn. moreover, Nebraska man was even pictured along with his wife and children, as a whole family in a natural setting.

all of these scenarios were developed from just one tooth. evolutionist circles placed such faith in this "ghost man" that when a researcher named William Bryan opposed these biased conclusions relying on a single tooth, he was harshly criticised.

in 1927, other parts of the skeleton were also found according to these newly discovered pieces, the tooth belonged neither to a man nor to an ape. it was realised that it belonged to an extinct species of wild American pig called prosthennops. William grogory entitled the article published in science in which he announced the truth, "Hesperopithecus: apparently not an ape nor a man. then all the drawings of hesperopithecus haroldcooki and his "family" were hurriedly removed from evolutionary literature.

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The simplest answer is that Theory of Evolution can not deny God but this theory only gave a baseless idea how man has evolved by natural selection. God can not be denied as if we suppose that by time living organisms in order to survive, adopted the changes of environment and developed some kind of protection or developed some betterment, the main question still remain unanswered that "Who Created the First Organism/Particle" ?

The minute you think about the above question you can say confidently that there was a Power who created all this.

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The concept of evolution is a man made concept which was a misinterpertation of the Qur'an for Allah has stated,"Donot the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation),before we seperated them?We made from water every living thing.Will they not then believe?" (sura 21:30)Now the key to the kalam of Allah is "everything living was made from water,"and we know that water at its essence is atoms,so the amimno acids and all of the components which makes up this thing called life was made by Allah from atoms.There is noway that atoms came to be by accident,and modern day science is well aware of this fact,this is why they build the hadron collider looking for what they call the God particle.What they are looking for is the first particle which is called the zele,when we investagate the atom we find if we go backwards that the atom is made up of quarks,which is made up of biaps,which is made up of zedes, which is made up of zeles.This zeles came into existence by the words of Allah kun faya kun "be and it is"without Allah azza wal jall there would be no zeles which is the beginning to all living things.Nothing changes into anything outside of what Allah has created it to be for atoms will always be atoms.THE MAKEUP,ZELES, BIAPS ,ZEDES, QUARKS,ATOMS,ALL LIVING THINGS,ALL PRAISE BE TO ALLAH!

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