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I love a guy from almost one year but not yet proposed him. I love him so so much. I want to marry him. But I was very afraid and little confused because i dont know him that well. So I Offered Istikhara namaz. After Istikhara on the first night I saw that guy laughing and on second day I saw white colours in dreams.

What miracle happened was he started speaking to me suddenly. I thanked Allah and thought he is made only for me. But after few days of speaking I felt that this guy is not that good and has doubting nature. He asked everything about me, my education, family but he dint tell anything about him and finally after speaking few days he stopped talking to me.

And later nowdays my love on him has been decreased. Its not that I totally forgot him, I still remember him and he appears in my dreams also even now. I have stopped loving him more.

But now from few days I have started falling for some other guy. I dont know why its happening with me. Am not a girl to go behind boys. From few days I am just liking other guy and wanting to speak to him. I offered Istikhara last night asking about this guy. From morning am confused, even i saw this guy in dream and i also saw sea water. I dont know whether to propose him or not. Am confused

Please help me what shall i do. Am 25yrs now. Still not married. My parents are very much worried about me. Am receiving alliances but not proper, something goes wrong in every alliance.

Please help me what shall i do..,First i was loving that guy very deeply but after istikhara he spoke to me for few days and left me and my love on him has little decreased but not able to forget him. Instead now from few days i have started falling for some other guy and when i offered istikhara am confused now whether to move forward or not

Please give me good suggestions what shall i do. Am very confused

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Wa Alaikum salam sister...

As ur situation is different u should wait for some more time Bcoz Allah SWT knows wht is good for u and for ur future..

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