Hello brothers and sisters, I'm 25years old single mother of two children living on my own. my life has been pretty tough struggling financially and still trying to deal with my past. My husband put a big impact in my life he basically gave me two girls one of them is 3years and the youngest one is 2yrs. We divorced due to the fact that he had a heroine addiction, mentally and physically abused me . He usued me for all my money and had a girlfriend while I was pregnet so we divorced when I was 5 months prego.he does not have Ny part of my daughters lives due to the fact that his an heroine injector and in and out of jail.It's been a while now. I'm still mending from my past which has made me to be a stronger person . I have been currently seeing a guy for the past year I have known him since I was 15years old and he has always liked me . his family found out about us and they are refusing to accept me to be his wife due to the fact that I have two daughters. he tells me be patient and hold on till he talks his mum into him only wanting me to be his wife . It's been one year and still has not asked for my hand. It's gotten to the point were I love him but I hate the fact that he is hiding me and won't marry me. He always has excuses and reasons for him not getting married . But I know deep down inside he is waiting on his mothers approval . He treats my daughters as if they were his own children and its very hard to trust anyone. So that's why I hold on to him. I'm feeling as though his family will never give me peace and I should cut all ties with him cause I don't think we have a future together. His mother is always in his war how can u take on a girl who already has a family ? And how can I raise girls who are not urs. He tells me he will marry me but with nobody knowing I am his wife because his family are not accepting me . So for now he will marry me ,but still live with his mother because he loves me and doesn't want to loose me . Does this sound right?

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