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In the Torah, Bestiality(sex with animals) is forbidden & punishable by death. Likewise Necrophilia(sex with the dead), even one's spouse, is forbidden due to the sanctity of the dead in all circumstances. Islam has come to complete the previous messages, so I don't think these disgusting and perverted acts would be permitted, but recently there have been Fatwas that say otherwise. So in Islam, are these acts forbidden? If yes, what is the punishment? Please give all sources for your answer.

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When we instinctively know what Allah tells us, we must heed his guidance. Even if we are not believers we know instinctively that the sexual abuse, even of an animal, cannot be a good thing. Like someone said above, even if these questions are not for you, you must seek guidance, and follow your own until then. When yhou stop masturbating so frequently and start seeing women as human beings you WILL see a tremendous change, and you WILL have great sex, a wonderful new friend and a family.

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Read Following Books From below link May Allah swt help you in this world and here after

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Light, your answer is insufficient and full of moral presuppositions, priori argumentation, and flawed logical thinking which only shows your own ignorance of the faith you profess. The verse you so gleefully quote seems to be applicable only to men. Not only that, but "what your right hand possesses" is unclear, but scholars have traditionally used this to refer to prisoners of war used as sex slaves. Thirdly, There is no prohibition against bestiality to be found within the two Sahihs. The one Hadith that does state a punishment found in Abu Dawouds collection is contradicted by another Hadith in the same collection! Fourthly, asking these types of questions are important because these practices are widespread in "Muslim" countries and they need to be addressed. So please get off your moral high ground and properly address the issues without resorting to ad hominems and other fallacies.

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light thank u

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If you like the answer then VOTE IT UP.

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Fear Allah brother. This by nature is frowned upon.this is no norm.

There are only two entities that the divine law (shari’ah) allows one to have sexual relations with. They are mentioned in the following verse in the Qur’an,

And those who guard their chastity (lit. private parts). Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame; (Al-Mu’minun 23:5-6)

This āyāh is explicitly stating that one’s “privates (faraj)” can only be used sexually with one’s spouse by marriage or right hand possessions. This infers that bestiality is clearly harām, as an animal is not marriageable.

If she is dead then you have no rights on it is prohibited rather it is immoral and immorality lead to the hellfire.

Concerning animals you have a rights to treat them right. How can you have relation when they cannot be your wives. I seek refuge in Allah from these evil and from shaytaan.

I think you should go learn about Islam. This question shows me that you are in deep trouble if you have these types of questions.

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See my response below

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