Did Hazrat Adam 'Alayhi salam say the kalimah tayyibat ?

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And regarding you said that Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Shaakir (January 29, 1892, Cairo – June 14, 1958) bút thử điện and Abdur-Rahmaan Naasir as Sa'dee (1889–1956) ruled it a Fabricated then you should consider this that both of then máy hiện sóng were very recent scholars and their knowledge is based on the writings of whom they have read. And there are many Scholars who have declared it sound, but I don't want to ampe kìm đo dòng dò quote their names as I do not have any intention to start a debate between the scholars.

And the hadith is really doesn't go against the Holy Qur'an.

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@panupongWongsa, beloved, I accept this point with the utmost humblness and as I told my brother believer I accept his point and I relinquish the debate for the sake of brotherhood and not to confuse the people nor start a debate amongst the scholars. Thankyou for your reminder. Salaam

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