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I know I disrespected my mother but I apologized . Well okay she mocked at me and stuff, and I retaliated . I want to know am I still a sinner after reconciling with her ? I don't want to fall in Allah's wrath and don't want Allah to punish me , so I apologized to my mom . Please help !

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If you disrespected your mother , don't do it again . Repent to Allah , who can forgive sins but him ?

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Seek for her forgiveness as well

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If you disrespected your mother it is a big sin but it not as big sin to be forgive for Allah or by ur mother. Sister sit with mother and tell you didn't mean to say anything that will had harm say that you said it in angry which mean you were not for using what you were you saying,sister try not to do it again because it is sinful . If you had ask Allah forgiveness then Allah will forgive you because Allah forgive anyone who turn their face and ask for forgiveness. I hope your whole family live in peace with you. Thanks sister I hope that help :)

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