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My husband kicked me out of the house in Nov 2012. I am currently living with my parents, i and my family have tried to sort things out between my husband and me, but unfortunatly it doesnt seem like my husband wants our marriage to work. I last saw him alone in beginning of Feb 2013. In March I changed my number as his family were contacting me and making me feel very sad. I am on depression tablets at the moment and attend counselling once every two weeks. My husban has told my family he wants to do the english divorce and wants me to do the paperwork mutually, but I am only concerned abouf my Nikah. He has not told me in person that he wants to divorce me but had txt my mum saying that he is giving me one talaaq. Does this count and should my iddah start from then? Or am I allowed to ask him for a proper way of telling me, either in person or in writing? I am unsure what I should be doing currently. Please give me some advice on this matter please.

Jazakullah khair

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Didn't you read this.

If yes, then where is your mind that you asked this question here. If no, then where is your mind that without reading this you asked a question here.

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