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When you are invited by a christain brother to attend a service in is church. Q1. Is it permitsible to attend. Q2. If it is not permited, what about if he is your friend and he is doing is holy matrimony(wedding) & you are is 'best man'. As they say. Q3. If it is permited are you allowed to do all what they are doing in the church (activities like claping, singing, dancing saying haleluya, exatra-exatra). Q4. Can you invite your christain friend to a nasiha, or tafsir inside a masjid. Or can he helps you in cleaning the masjid and feshing water for ablution.

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i think you may enter the church but just not participate in their worship i have gone to the church in jerusalem i just looked around and saw their archeiteture because it was interesting and about the mosque defenitly they may go because a mosque is a place you go to convert so obviously non-muslims are allowed to enter and also the water probably comes from a water treatment plant where christians have already touched the water so everyone uses water used by christians and water is recycled so even a kaffir has probably touched the water it must be okay for them to help you

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Caabi, you are obviously from a 100 percent muslim country.Many of us are from multi-racial societies whose family members are from different religious groups. How do you think you can get them to hear "..the truth, the words of Allah...." if you show hostile to their beliefs in the first instance. They will reject you outright let alone come to your masjid. Attending ceremonies such as weddings and funerals of very close friends in their churches or synagoges has nothing to do with worships. Your kind of thinking is probably the factor which leads to conflicts in many regions. We muslims in a multi-racial society have developed pretty high level of tolerance and understanding, thus the peace that we have ever since. Remember that hostility will meet with hostility and rejection will come up against rejection......Islam has been a very practical is truly a religion of peace......why and how do you think those muslims in the West were able to attract increasing number of reverts if they were to react like you to their feloow countrymen of different faiths?

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You may be right in what you are saying some of it and wrong in some, but know that actions speak louder than speech and it is the character and the manor of a Muslim, and do not be confused about hating them or hating their disbelieve. Am not trying to spread hate
but tell the truth as it is without compromising and it is strange how you are attacking me when I only cot the words of Allah what He says about the disbelievers and I did not say anything that was of me but only the verses of Allah. and it is strange that you attack me while you know the million that they killed in Iraq.

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No Muslim is allowed to enter in to a church or places that are similar to it and that is because Allah have said, Say : [O ye that reject Faith,I worship not that which ye worship] [109 v1-2] this means your are not allowed to attend their holy matrimony as it is done according to their religion singing, dancing, clapping and they are doing it as a form of worship which is forbidden to us according to the verse above and it is the same ruling the places they worship in it therefore, they are doing this wedding in a church as their religion tells them to and this is the reason why it is not allowed for a Muslim to attend but however, the only time that one can enter and the only person who can enter is a scholar of Islam for the sake of spreading Islam to debate and to teach.

As for a none Muslim entering a Masjid this is allowed there are Hadiths which show it is allowed because they get to hear the truth the words of Allah and they see the truth in Islam and yes they can help clean the Masjid and help you with wudu as the sahaba had slaves who were none Muslim and would helped them with their wudu.

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