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I only want to know.

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No Muhammad sallallahu allahi WA Salam was the last. The seal of prophets. Allah subhana WA ta'ala knows best.

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Ok I answered this question as regards to here on earth now in 2013. There is none after Muhammad sallalahu allahi WA Salam yes or no?. Yes of course they are all living in spirit in jannah Allah subhana WA ta'ala knows best.

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Isa A.S. is alive. Allah raised him up alive

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Muslims are not supposed to count the prophets and messengers and believers that are no longer on earth as "dead" They are alive. Do you not believe in paradise?

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Dead as in has had life here died and went to jannah . This is a reality yes or no?

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Well, being dead is different than being one who has died. Maybe the body has died, but is the spirit dead? Is the soul dead? Allah has granted life to the believers.

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The question isn't is any prophet still alive its is any prophet alive meaning a prophet today now on earth.

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And yes so in a sense we are never dead. Even ones who go to hell. In this bodily form we die .

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Assalam Alaykum. You seem to be a beginner to Islamic knowledge, if I guess correctly. No, Prophet Muhammad was the very last Prophet, and there is no Prophet after him.

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Beloved,this question has a very simple answer,the Rasulalah is reguarded in the qur'an as KHATUM NABBIYEEN,THE SEAL OF PROPHETHOOD,ANY WHO CLAIMS TO BE A NABI AFTER THIS IS A LIAR! In the hereafter all of the nabi are alive,as those that has passed away,for we know of the hadeeth about the punishment of the grave,also the hadeeth of the Miraj where the Rasul sws had lead them in salat and all were alive.I suggest you get the book entilted the BAZARAK.

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There are those who claim to be prophets, but do not speak on God's authority, even if they claim that they do. False prophets.

They exist, and there is plenty about that in the bible as to tell who they are. There are false prophets, and there is the false prophet, the one in Revelation.

Please, don't blast me with ridicule when I reference the Bible, just because you don't agree with it if you don't. If you read the book of revelation, it makes it clear what will happen.

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