Assalamu 'alaykum . Please answer my questions related to making up prayers :

1 - Can make up prayers be performed before performing a farz namaz of that time ? I mean can I perform the qaza namaz of fajar first then perform routine dhuhur namaz ? Is this to applicable to all namaz , 'isha , dhuhr , 'asar and maghrib ?

2 - What is the correct way of performing qaza namaz ?

3 - Also can I perform nafil after witr ?

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you need to pray as it comes from within your inspired heart and with your own free will. and you can also read Quran or recite a part of Quran, whichever you like. you can qaza your whole fajr and you can qaza each one of them seperately.

for qaza, the way you left your original namaz, thats how the qaza has to be done. for example if you have left your zawal, you do your zawal qaza as the zawal way. but you dont have to do it in the noon. time and place may be different. its enough to declare "i am doing qaza for my zawal that i have left" for example. the rest is the same. you can qaza your zawal in the midnight for example, before or after your witr.

you can do nafil whenever you like.

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It is good when prayer is spontaneous. It is good to recite from Quran, but it is also good to speak freely to Allah at any time for any reason. The strictness of salat could feel mechanical, so it is good to personalize your prayers.

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