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I have received one alliance. But am not liking it because that guy is from village area but working at qatar, wel educated. Family is very poor background financially.

But my parents are liking it. But i dont want. Because am from city and he is from village. We girls are here frank, social, honest and islamic but as far as i know about village guys they dont understand this modern culture and it will be problem after marriage. They pretend to be modern and also islamic but not actually from inside

And as far as i know its said village guys should not be trusted, City boys are much much better than this village guys, because they move with religion wise, culture wise, modernity

Am thinking about future both positives and negatives. But from the day this alliance has come am seeing only Fire in dreams. I had this dream at Fajr time

Day before yesterday i had dream of fire burning and last night i had dream of Candles burning and huge sparks and fire.. I know its bad omen...

Please help me what should i do

I know dreams are from Allah. He knows best and he knows worst. Please help me

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IN Relationships, Marriage & Marital Issues SECTION. THE COMMUNITY IS MADE FOR THE PERSONAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES... You will be replied there...

nahi to mujhe is question ko delete karne me 1 second bhi nahi lagega.

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Nushrath Salam alaykum 1. I don't know what he did to upset you. But your questions do need to be posted in community forum. Because they are more personal.2. He is telling you to go there to guide you on where you should post certain questions. 3. Don't use that language here. If you have any questions or problems let me know. Thanks sister nushrath.

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Bakwas band karo ladki. Tum jitna apne aap ko tez banti ho tum utna ho nahi. sabse bewakoof tum hi ho. Tum sirf apne aap ko Islamic show karti ho, really me tum ho nahi. Agar hoti to itna nakhra nahi karti. Aur sun lo ki tum type ki ladkiyo ke wajah se hi Islam badnaam hota hai.

Apne aap ko modern kahti ho, aur Islamic bhi. Sharm nahi aati apne aap ko Islamic kahne me. Gaon ke ladke trusted nahi hote, tum kaun si trust ke layak ho. Pahle ek phir dusre ke pichhe. Aur tum jo dream ke bare me batati ho na wo kuch sahi nahi hai, wo tumhara sirf nautanki hai. Aur jaan lo ki tum apne is guroor ke wajah se baad me zarur pachhtaogi.

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Ameeri aur gareebi ke fasle banane wale aur use kayam rakhne walo se mujhe sakht nafrat hai....

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