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Hi i am in the Indian Army and was just promoted as a General, just wanted to know if my decisions as a muslim give harm to people in Pakistan will I be wrong ??

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You must not kill,order,have the intention or feel like killing a muslim. Because ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA MESSENGER SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM SAID:VERBALLY ABUSING A MUSLIM IS DISOBEDIENCE AND ATTACKING HIM IS KUFR. He hasnt talk of killing. On killing a muslim,HE SAID IF TWO MUSLIM Face eachother fighting a one of them dies,they are both inmates of Hell.THE COMPANIONS RADI ALLAHU ANHUM ASKED THAT WHAT OF THE ONE WHO DIES,HE SAID HE TOO WILL ENTER HELL BECAUSE HE HAD THE INTENTION OF KILLING THE OTHER ONE. Also,muslim are allowed not to kill people except in 3 conditions.1:killing because of ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA. 2:A mumin,believer,devoted muslim who change his religion.IN HADITH THEY SAID THE PERSON SHOULD BE GIVEN THOROUGH AND SOUND LECTURES IF AFTER 3 DAYS HE DIDNT CHANGE TO ISLAM,he should be killed. 3:if a muslim or muslim property is in the hand of Kufr,kafir MUSLIM UMMAH SHOULD FIGHT and THE KILLING WHICH IS IN THE SHARIAH i.e LAW OF ISLAM ORDERED BY PROPHET SAL ALLAHU ALAIHI WA SALLAM.e.g stoning to death of adulter,killing the person who kill another person. We must not even kill kafir because of anyother things except the listed conditions. ANOTHER HADITH STATES THAT WE MUST NOT follow the command of the created i.e human being to go against THE COMMAND OF THE CREATOR I.E ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA WHO IS THE CREATOR. SO,WHAT IS THE SIN,OFFENCE OF MUSLIM PAKISTAN THAT YOUR GOVERNMENT WANTS TO FIGHT THEM. Even it is said that if a muslim wants to give another muslim a knife a point the knife to the muslim/no intention of harming him /THE ANGELS WILL BE CAUSING THEM DURING THE INTERVAL OF POINTING BEFORE HE COLLECTS THE KNIFE. Please to follow command of your government and receive your hell ticket in life and go against ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA COMMAND.ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA KNOWS BEST. MA SALLAM.

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